August 22, 2013

My Litte Fashionista: Where I Buy Her Clothes

Jean Jacket: Gap | Top: Sonoma | Skirt: Old Navy | Shoes: Next Direct 
Cardigan: Old Navy | Top: Target | Scarf: Forever 21 (mine) | Shoes: Target 
Top: JCPenney | Shorts: H&M | Shoes: Old Navy 

If you follow me on Instagram then you've probably already seen these photos. I love dressing Sarah up! (can you tell?) I always end up buying things for her even when I'm supposed to be shopping for myself! So today I'm gonna share the various places I like to shop for Sarah...

Shocker! Target doesn't have a much selection for baby and toddlers but once your kiddo starts fitting into big kid sizes (Sarah can wear XS tops and dresses) you will be thrilled (or in trouble). Target's prices are reasonable, their clothes aren't super expensive but they're not very cheap either unless it's on clearance (I love you little red stickers!). 

I just recently re-discovered JCPenney and let me tell ya, I'M IN LOVE! They have SO many cute things now, it's a totally different JCPenney than the one I used to know! Their new Joe Fresh line is AWESOME! I seriously wanted to buy everything but you know what the best part is? Their clothes are cheap! (price wise not quality) No need for clearance but if you find something on clearance then it's a steal! I got that striped top Sarah is wearing for just $4! We will be back JCPenney, we will be back! 

I put these two together because they're basically family. I love GAP especially the GAP Outlet! We have an outlet about 10 minutes away! I also have an Old Navy nearby. I NEVER buy anything at regular price. I only buy things either on Sale or Clearance in these two stores. 

4. H&M
I first shopped at H&M in Chicago and loved all of the super cute clothes/shoes for kids and was bummed that they didn't have any in TX until about a year ago they opened one in town and sadly I've only been once so far (that's probably a good thing if you ask my husband). H&M has cute clothes and shoes for kids but their sizing is a bit tricky. Sarah can fit into some 1.5-2y shorts and she's wearing 3T-4T right now. 

I LOVE Zara but it's WAY too pricey for me! I did buy a pair of SUPER cute shoes for Sarah on SALE online a couple weeks ago and some shorts for Josh. End of the season sales are the best!

I love Zulily for shoes! You can find some cute styles that you wouldn't find elsewhere for reasonable prices. Their shipping kinda stinks but their shoe prices are cheap so it evens out. I have gotten cute sandals and boots for Sarah and we love em!

I've shopped on Ebay for years now but I just recently discovered IG shops and let me tell ya, I'm hooked! I even opened up my own IG shop selling outgrown clothing just so I can shop some more (sad but true). You can find my IG shop under @cinsarahshop in case you are interested.

I love to shop here for Sarah! I have found some cute stuff but I don't always love their prices especially since you can find new stuff for cheaper sometimes!

Where do you shop for your kids? 


  1. have you found anything at gymboree? I get the cutest stuff there - but only on way down sale and with a coupon - or from consignment sales. I love the designs and quality!

    1. Yes I used to shop at Gymboree when Sarah was a baby but for some reason I only like it for baby clothes. They do have some super cute things! Janie and Jack as well! :)

  2. Holy GORGEOUS! She is SO going to be a fashion blogger when she gets older, she's got it down!!!

  3. You have GREAT taste! She's the cutest little girl ever! Love the outfits!!!

    1. Thank you Iris! You are too sweet! Sarah loves dresing up.... taking pictures not so much lol

  4. Oh she's adorable! She looks so cute on her outfits. I love all her outfits and her shoes and sandals are simply gorgeous. She is indeed a little fashionista and she really knows how to pose for the camera. You've got a great taste. You really know how to dress up your little one.

  5. My favorite web site to shop is Nothing is over $10 and they got the cutest shoes and clothes for my kids and I.


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