August 14, 2013

Levi Asher - Seven Months

Seven Months! Levi turned seven months last week on the seventh. CRAZY! He has only been in our lives for seven months and now it's hard to imagine life without this little boy. 

Let's talk about his hair shall we? That hair! We get comments and compliments everywhere we go it seems:
-"Look at all that hair!" 
-"Wow, It looks like a wig!" 
-"Oh my goodness my little girl/boy was bald at this age!"
I love his hair but this boy needs a haircut now and it's crazy because he's only seven months old. My other two had a lot of hair as well but Joshua didn't get his first haircut until he was about ten months old! This boy needs a haircut like yesterday! 

What's New?
Levi isn't sitting on his own quite yet. He sits and then falls either to his sides or back. He FINALLY got his first tooth this week and he's been a little fussy but really not too bad. Levi has been the easiest baby out of my three kids! He is such a HAPPY baby! Smiles at everything and everyone! I love that! This kid is SUPER STRONG! Like seriously strong! He has the strongest grip, He holds on to something with so much strength it's hard to get his hand to open up sometimes. He also pinches when being carried and it actually hurts! I joke that we should have named him SAMSON because of that hair and strength! I wonder if he'll loose his strength once he gets his first haircut? We will find out soon...


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