August 15, 2013

That Song - That Moment

One thing you may or may not know about me is I love to sing. I love singing and praising my God! I used to make up songs when I was little. I would sing all of the way to church and back (30 min drive). Music has been a HUGE part of my life! There have been countless songs throughout my life that I feel have helped bring me closer to God. Powerful lyrics and messages that have touched me deeply.

Today I want to share just one of those songs with you...
I shared in a previous post about my son Joshua and how he was born with a cleft palate. Those first couple of years of his life were tough. I went through so many emotions. I was sad, worried, scared and most of all upset and maybe even angry. I didn't understand why? Why my son was born with this "problem"? Why us? What did we do wrong?

This song: Your Hands by JJ Heller was such a blessing at that time in my life...
As I sat in the waiting room while Joshua was having palate surgery I remember I had downloaded this song on my MP3 player the day before specifically for the day of Joshua's surgery. I put my headphones on, hit play and and listened to it with tears in my eyes. These words expressed exactly how I felt. I put this song on replay and listened to it the entire time my son was in surgery... 
"When my world is shaking, heaven stands
When my heart is breaking 
I never leave your hands"

I felt God's hands holding me. Telling me everything was going to be ok & assuring me that he was in control...

 Is there a song that has touched you and helped you in your spiritual walk?

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  1. Love your song :)
    I once listen to this song : and for some reason it really touched my heart ! Maybe because children are singing, I don't know :)

    1. I had never heard that song! It's beautiful! Love the children's voices, precious!

  2. I really like JJ Heller, wish they would play more songs on the radio by her. This one is so beautiful. and look at what He's done with your son! Pulled you all through. awesome testimony cindy! thanks for linking up girlie!

  3. What a beautiful song, and what a powerful story!! Thank you for sharing your heart with us in this link up. It truly blessed me this morning :) I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, sweet friend!


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