January 12, 2012

Things my daughter does...

I guess this is kind of like part two, where I left off from my post on tuesday. I didn't plan to write this post and share it with you all because it's something that wasn't planned. It actually just happened on tuesday. Where do I begin? Ok so...

   My Son Joshua goes to school for speech therapy on tuesday's only and so his bus was outside (right in front of our home) and I grabbed his backpack and told him his bus was here and it was time to go to school. My two year old daughter, Sarah, heard me and grabbed her backpack as well and said " I wan go scoo too!"(no they're not typos, that's the way she said I want to go to school too!) So I told her to go put her shoes on (figured it would give me some time to take Joshua outside to the bus and come back quickly) and I stepped out and helped Josh get on his bus. I quickly jogged back to the front door and to my surprise the door was locked! I could hear Sarah on the other side trying to open the door and then I head another clicking sound which meant she locked the top part too! I took a deep breath and calmly asked her to open it and all she kept saying was "I can't" I kind of laughed a little at the silly situation thinking she would be able to open the door and we would all laugh about this later! I was WRONG! 15 mins passed and the door was still locked! I called my husband like ten times and no answer! after those 15mins I couldn't hear Sarah anymore, I banged on the door, I called her name and I rang the doorbell multiple times and no answer! I started freaking out and kept calling my husband to see if there was anyway he could come and after like the 15th time he answered and calmly told me to go break a window because he wasn't anywhere near the house and by the time he would get there it would be about an hour later. I was already freaking out and the thought of having to break a window didn't help! My husband told me to grab a piece of wood (we have a ton) and break the bathroom window (cause it's the smallest) Well I took a good look at that window and said "are you kidding me? You want me to climb through there?" he said "just break it, grab the ladder from the backyard, close your eyes and just hit the window". I did exactly as he told me, I closed my eyes and hit the window, only the window didn't break and I ended up slamming my finger onto the brick! I started crying like a baby! I guess he knew I wasn't going to be able to break it so he said "call the police to help you." I dialed 911 and chocking back more tears I told the police my 2 year old daughter had locked me out of the house and I couldn't hear her anymore inside. A police officer arrived 3 mins later and asked "how can I help?". By this time I could her Sarah at the door again. I said "my 2 year old daughter locked me out of the house when I was outside getting my son on the school bus and I was trying to break a window but all I did was slam my finger" So I showed him the window I was trying to break and he said "are you sure you fit through there?" Um no! I am sure I don't! I am pretty sure he was trying hard not to laugh at my attempt to break a window with a small piece of wood! Anywho, he helped me break the kids' room window and asked if it was ok to meet me at the front door to make sure Sarah and I were ok.
 I ran inside and found my daughter sitting down on the floor (in the living room) watching cartoons! I picked her up and started crying...again! The police officer asked a couple questions and then asked if I needed help cleaning up but I told him no, cause I just wanted to be alone to cry it out! I picked up the broom and dust pan and began picking up the broken pieces.
It was a crazy day to say the least! I can't believe how fast it all happened and as much as I kept blaming Sarah for locking the door, I know it was my fault for leaving her inside! I usually take her outside with me when Joshua gets on the bus, but that day it was cold and Sarah was still a little sick and she wasn't wearing any shoes so I found it easy to just quickly step outside and put Josh on the bus. NEVER AGAIN! Lesson Learned! I am just glad we are all ok. I mean how can you blame a little face like this?... 
This was taken the night before the "incident"!
Oh yeah... this isn't the first time Sarah locks the door, last time she locked herself in my room and I had to get a screwdriver and take the door handle off in order to get her out but this time was a little more scary! Have your kids ever done something like this? Please share! 


  1. I seriously would have freaked out too! My daughter is 23 months and she knows how to open and unlock the front door (not good for me). I often leave her in the house to run out to the mailbox but she never goes to the door, she'll stay in the living room. This just scared the mess out of me, I will be taking my keys from now on or either her if its not too cold. It's amazing how one second we can think they are innocent as they want to be and then the next they get into the very thing we didn't want them too. I'm glad she was okay:)

  2. Oh friend, what a day. I am SO sorry that happened. We have not had anything like that happen, but I have had some incidents where my 3 year old will run into things & cut her head open. And then the time my oldest daughter jumped off the couch & fell back & cut open her head on the windowsill. Anyway, I hope that doesn't happen again for you guys.

  3. Oh dear, glad she is okay! My heart would have fell out my chest! But these pictures of her are so cute! She is really adorable! Very glad I found your blog & followed you!

    XO. Britt
    The Magnolia Pair


  4. Oh my gosh, Cindy! Thank God you had your cell phone with you! How scary. Even though she was safe inside, you just never know what a two year old will do. But of course she was just innocently watching cartoons! :)

  5. Oh, Cindy!!! I'm glad she and you are ok. Sheesh! My daughter has locked me out before when I was taking the trash out. She was mad because she wanted to do it. Luckily my older sons were inside too, but I taught them not to answer the door. After some time they peeked through the little window and saw that it was me and let me in. Two year old girls are stinkers sometimes!

  6. I am so sorry uyou had to go through that. The same thing happend to me. My Daughter was 18 months old and I stepped out to get the mail and she slammed the door. It was February and I had no shoes on. After trying to get her to open the door with no luck, I walked to my neighbors and called 911. A police car and two fire trucks later they broke a window and got me in. Scariest feeling ever my baby alone in the house.


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