January 24, 2012

Guest Post: Our Beautiful Little Journey

Today we have a wonderful guest. Her name is Noelani and she blogs over at Our Beautiful Little Journey. Noelani is a wonderful writer, I enjoy reading her posts and capturing her love of Christ through her writing. She is a beautiful lady inside and out! Today she is sharing some organizing tips & ways to simplify your life...
If you're anything like me, then you are all about organization and simplicity in life. Even if that consists of simplifying little things such as the following:

1. Get yourself a planner. I personally swear by the Erin Condren planner, as they break everything down (morning, afternoon, night + many more awesome features) to better organize your days.

2.  Create a weekly (or daily) to-do-list. This list should be short, precise and consist of realistic goals and tasks for the week (or day).

3. Clean your entire house, one room at a time.  Garage, sheds, closets, cabinets, drawers, pantry - you name it! Truthfully, if you haven't used an item (let alone looked at it in years), you're better off selling it, donating it or recycling it. I guarantee that you won't miss it and that you will enjoy the extra space and de-clutter in your house.

4. Clean out your emails. Reply to old ones, as well as delete and unsubscribe to the emails that are no longer useful to you.

5. Set a Realistic weekly goal for working out. Not only will it help keep you in shape, but working out also has a tendency of putting you in a better mood and gives you more energy throughout your day. Which in return, also helps boost your confidence. It's a win-win!

6. Make a budget plan, and stick to it. Depending on what your finances look like, come up with a realistic amount per paycheck and set it aside for a vacation in the future, a splurge at the end of the year, or whatever else you can come up with. It could be as low as $5/per payday or as high as you'd like. In the end, it all adds up!

7. Give yourself permission to relax. Make time in your schedule for a little you time. Whether it's a pedicure, massage, trip to the mall, a stroll through the park, lounging in bed with a good book or magazine, or simply taking a bubble bath with candles. Recharging ourselves is vital!

8. Start something new, let something go. Let this be the year for you to start a new habit, and lose a bad one.

9. Create a weekly meal plan. Sit down and make a weekly menu, and then shop accordingly for those ingredients for the week ahead. It will save so much time (and money), trust me!

10. Focus on the present. Try your best to focus on the 'now' as opposed to reflecting back on the past or worrying about the future. Live in the moment, and leave the rest in God's hands. You will be amazed at how less stressful your days become.

11. Learn to say no. It's a tiny word but sometimes a tough one to say. Too often we tend to over-commit ourselves due to fear of disappointing others. But let's be honest with ourselves, if something just does not fit into our schedules, it's okay to say no. By always saying yes, you will either end up draining yourself trying to get everything done in a timely manner, or you will be left feeling like a failure for not being able to accomplish it all. Only you know your limits.

12. Refuel your engines. Finally, don't underestimate the importance of taking care of yourself. Small things like eating a well-balanced diet and getting enough sleep at night will make a huge difference in how much energy you have throughout your day.

Hopefully, you find some of these tips on simplifying things for the New Year useful! :)

Thanks so much for the awesome tips Noelani! 


  1. Aw, these are so great! I love learning the little things to simplify, because those are the ones that add up.


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