January 18, 2012

Random Thoughts

Have you noticed it is wed-nes-day and I have not posted since friday! You hadn't? well that's nice! 
So I have been a little MIA, I don't have a fabulous craft to share or anything this week but I thought I would at least write up a post on some random things I've been thinking this week or that happened this past weekend. I included some pictures so I don't loose those of you who tend to just look at pictures and not read the entire post! Come on you know you do it! I do it sometimes too...
1. Where in the world is my January Birchbox?! I've been seeing everyone post what they got in their box this month and every time I go and check the mail I think I will see my cute little box and nothing! I thought it would get here at least yesterday so I could write up a decent post for this week but nope! I'll try again today.... 
2. Let's talk about Guest Post Wed-nes-day! I sort of ran out of guests so... I think it's time for guest post wednesday to go bye bye! That doesn't mean I don't welcome guests on my blog anymore, if you ever want to do a guest post just shoot me an e-mail! I would love to feature you and your blog/craft or anything else I just won't do it weekly and on wednesdays.  
3. These are my sisters. They are crazy but I love em! We took this picture this past weekend when we went to visit my youngest sister in Houston (she's the one in the middle). 

4. Speaking of Houston, this weekend we went to a huge Flea Market. I hadn't been to a flea market in years! I was excited cause I really wanted to eat an "elote" (roasted corn) but as we were walking through aisles and aisles of vendors & booths I hear my sister (the one on the right in the picture above) yell and then I see my mom coming towards us yelling and then I turn to see what they were pointing at and we see a TON of SMOKE! The flea market was on fire and it was pretty close to where we were so people started going crazy running. My sister took this picture on the way out...
My husband (I LOVE THAT MAN!) is awesome in situations of panic, he calmly told me to remain calm and to give him my daughter whom I was pushing in a stroller. He picked up the stroller (Sarah and all) and we stepped out of the booth's aisles on to the street next to them. We made sure we were all out and began walking away from the fire towards the parking lot. Thankfully we were all ok but it was very scary! My mom was freaking out because just a couple years ago their apartment caught on fire and they lost everything! We kept checking the news to see what started the fire but never found anything.

I think that's it folks! I have a ton of work to catch up on today since I spent almost all day yesterday cleaning & re-organizing. Have a great wed-nes-day!


  1. 1. My birchbox is late this month too, me no likey :/
    2. I would love to guest post for ya!
    3. Eeeek! I couldn't imagine shopping around and next thing you know - the place is on fire! Thankfully you ladies are safe :)

  2. wow Cindy that is scary. I would've freaked out.
    And if you'll have me, I'd love to guest post for you too with my 'little blog' that could. lol.

  3. What the heck is birchbox, and holy scary, you were able to drag your husband to a flea market? only kidding...that would have been a once in a lifetime event at my house. But really, scary that the whole place was on fire. YiKES! Glad you guys made it out safely.

  4. My birchbox got to my house on 01.10.12 - but it was all wrong so they are sending me a new one. For some reason I got completely different stuff than what was supposed to be in there. Not sure what happened, but the card said the correct stuff for January- what was in the box just didn't match. So maybe I got February's??? Not sure . . . but i'm not complaining about free product! :)

    Hope you get yours soon!

  5. I have seriously got to get this Birchbox membership. I loved your guest post Wednesday, I hope it doesn't go away. :) I'm glad you guys were okay from all that smoke. Really scary.

  6. I got mine this past Saturday. where is yours!!!!


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