January 30, 2012

How I edit my photos

I've been asked how I edit my photos a couple times along with what program I use for my blog designs so I thought I would write up a short tutorial for ya'll. I am not a photo editing expert at all! I just know what works for me and that's it. I've read that Picnik (which is a favorite for editing photos) is closing in April which is a big bummer for most bloggers who use it. I personally don't use it, I tried it a couple times but it wasn't for me! I use Picasa which is a lot more simple, not too many fancy schmancy tools to use but it works for me. I use it along with my Photoshop. I have Photoshop Elements 8 for Mac and I LOVE it! I admit I don't know how to use EVERY SINGLE feature but I love what I know how to use.  
So here is how I edited the sandals picture I share on my last post (friday) I open up my picture on Picasa and just use the "Auto Color" tool....

If I also need to crop or straighten a picture I do it here. You can also add text so you can watermark your pictures, which I used to do but stopped because it was such a pain to do each one. I then save it and take it into photoshop to finish it off ( I don't like the way Picasa brightens pictures up which is why I use photoshop as well.) I go to Enchance-->Adjust Lighting-->Brightness/Contrast

Then I adjust my settings until I am happy with my photo...

That's it! Super simple but makes a big difference! No one wants to see ugly orangey iPhone pics! Oh btw I use my iPhone for almost every single picture on my blog. Except for a couple where I borrowed my sister's Nikon. I can't wait to own a really nice camera! Anyone have an old one they want to give to me?! 


  1. This is very helpful! Thanks for the tip!

  2. Wow. Very good tutorial. :) I also use an iPhone camera for my blog. And it is good that you posted a tutorial how to edit those. Thanks. :)



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