January 20, 2012

Huge Group Giveaway in The Works

I can't believe how fast time flies by! In March this little blog will turn one and I want to celebrate by having a huge group giveaway! So if you have a business, an etsy shop or if you just want to participate please e-mail me your shop/blog name and what you would like to giveaway so I can get you down on my list! I already have a couple people who have signed up so if you want to join us just shoot me an e-mail! As a thank you for participating in my group giveaway I will post your button (250x100) on my sidebar for the ENTIRE month of March! 

Here are some ideas I have for the giveaway... I was debating wether there should be one winner who takes all or wether there should be multiple winners. So after thinking it through I decided to have 2 winners. I would like to group prizes into two categories:

Package ONE will be for a blogger which will include ad spaces, full blog design (by yours truly) and anything else that only a blogger will benefit from. 

Package TWO will be for non bloggers (but bloggers are welcome to enter too!) that will include everything else! How does that sound? 

I will share more details with the people participating. I plan on sending an e-mail the first week of February to those who have signed up. I will have more details on how to enter and such here on the blog a week before the giveaway which is the last week of February so that there is no confusion. I will be asking a couple shops/blogs as well to join and participate so I will post some hints here and there on my facebook page once my list is finalized! I am SO excited!! Are you? 


  1. That sounds awesome! Congrats on your upcoming milestone =)

  2. Very excited!! Congrats on your one year!! :)

  3. How exciting! It's going to be such a fun giveaway! Congrats on one year!


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