January 23, 2012

Our Master Closet Mini Makeover

  A couple weeks ago I posted a picture on facebook of one of my trips to IKEA. I got wood hangers for $1, not a dollar each but a dollar for a pack of EIGHT! I had been wanting to buy wood hangers for some time for our closet but when I calculated how many we would need it would be at least $50 in hangers alone so I thought I would save up for it. That is until I saw IKEA was having a one day sale on their wood hangers that are regularly $3.99/per pack (8). We bought 24 packs and ended up using only 16 so I gave the other 8 to a friend. I titled this post as a "mini" makeover because It's not complete. I started the closet makeover by organizing my shoes onto shoe racks from Target which you can read more about here. I think it's 80% finished all I would like to do is paint the closet and maybe stencil a wall or two but the hangers have made the entire closet look so much better! Here are the embarrasing before pictures....
I had a blast taking out all the clothes and putting them back in the closet in new hangers. (No I'm not being sarcastic, I LOVE organizing) My hubby installed a rod and hooks for me to organize my belts. (also from IKEA) Here are the after pictures...

 What a difference wood hangers make huh? Just makes everything look much neater and organized.
I LOVE going into my closet to get dressed now! 


  1. I actually just showed two people in my office what a difference the wood hangers make it look! It looks so "adult" like! :)

    Very nice!

  2. Looks awesome! I LOVE an organized closet! :)

  3. You scored big time! It looks so awesome! I need to do this asap, if only I had an Ikea close by. :)

  4. How in the world did you get the hangers for a dollar? Please tell me as i need some too! I'll look back here for your reply, thanks!

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    XO, Aimee


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