January 9, 2012

DIY Map Heart Art

A couple weeks ago I created this map heart art to replace the thanksgiving one I had. I live in Texas and love it but I didn't have a Texas map but I did have an Illinois map and I grew up in Illinois so I created the heart using an Illinois map. I created a tutorial to show you all how I made my map heart. It is super easy! I think I made it in less than five minutes.

You will need: 1. map 2. glue 3. cardstock 4.scissors
Step One: fold your cardstock paper in half
(please excuse my chipped nails)
Step Two: draw half a heart, as big as you would like your map heart to be
Step Three: cut out your cardstock heart & trace on to your map
Step Four: cut out your map heart and glue on to cardstock
and here is the final product...
Told ya it was easy! Let me know if you tried this tutorial, leave me a comment.


  1. This is on my to-do list! I love how adorable it looks in your white frame! Perfect!

  2. That is adorable and it's easy, I like that!

  3. SO cute! I love heart-map-art too :)
    Here's on I just did:

  4. im obsessed with maps. i am definitely gonna have to try this. great job.


  5. I've been seeing these around lately & they are so cute! Yours is no exception :)

  6. Love hearts and I love how simple and cute this idea is, thanks for sharing.

  7. This is so cute - I love the idea of using the map! How creative!

  8. Honest question. Where do you buy cheap maps?

  9. Honest question. Where do you buy cheap maps?


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