January 31, 2012

PB&J Creations & My Lovely New Sign!

I ordered a custom sign a couple weeks ago from my dear friend Pamela who blogs over at PB&J Stories and has an AMAZING etsy shop PB&J Creations. That girl is SUPER talented! I love her and all her creations! I loved her the moment I found her blog months ago. I loved her style and creativity and I happily clicked the follow button and ever since then Pam has become an awesome bloggy friend! :)
There is a narrow wall in my dinning room where I thought a subway style sign would look great and so I contacted Pam and asked if she would create a custom piece for me and here it is...
It looks small in the picture above but it's not that small! I LOVE it! It makes me so happy to walk by it everyday! It is even more gorgeous in person! My boring beige walls just don't do this beautiful sign justice! I talked to my husband about painting that whole wall along with the rest of the house! lol I am not even sure if I should even add this to my "projects to-do list" cause it seems like the list is pretty full right now! A whole year has passed and our kitchen isn't completely done! Do you see that ugly box lighting up there in the kitchen?! I asked my hubby to take it off and install recessed lighting. He's an electrician so that should save us some money! 

Anywho, make sure to check out Pam's etsy shop PB&J Creations! I'm pretty sure you will fall in love with one or more of her signs! Remember she does custom pieces too! 


  1. You are SO sweet!!! What a parade of compliments coming from you!

    It looks GREAT and I love that you love it!!!


  2. Aw, this is gorgeous! I need to check her site out asap!

  3. Super cute! Your newest follower from the blog hop.



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