December 20, 2013

Five on Friday - Projects, Sewing + Giveaways

ONE // December Projects
The farmhouse table is DONE! I LOVE it! It's just like I imagined it. I posted pictures from when my husband began working on it on instagram. Now that it's done, we are moving on to December project #2. You can search #decemberprojects on instagram to look through our updates. Project #2 is the blue wall you see up there. I can't wait to show you what it's gonna be! I've got a couple more projects I'd like to do but as long as we (my husband) finish these two I will be more than satisfied. 

TWO // Chairs

There are the chairs I want for our new table. My husband wants to build a bench so I'm thinking we will only need 4 of these. At $50 each that would be $200 + tax. Not bad but not cheap either. Does anyone want to donate $ to help buy a chair? lol So while we save up some mulah I went to Ikea to buy Levi a highchair and I found these in the AS IS section (I love this section!)...
At $8.90 each I'd say that this is a good temporary solution. They actually look very nice with the new table but I still want the sturdy wood ones. These will be perfect for when we've got company and need extra chairs but for now they are sitting pretty next to our table. 

THREE // Sewing
My friend Julie came over yesterday and we sewed some pillow covers. I hadn't sewed in a while! I think the last thing I sewed were these burp cloths for Levi. I will share photos and write a post on our pillow covers sometime next week. 

FOUR // Boots
I got these boots for Sarah on Zulily and I love them! I wish I had them in my size lol My little fashionista loves them too. We actually got them a while back but they fit her kinda big. They still fit her a tad bit big but not too much. Zulily has the cutest shoes. I have gotten Sarah a couple of our favorites from Zulily. If you haven't signed up yet sign up through me HERE! :) 

FIVE // Giveaways
If you haven't already make sure to enter the $100 Cash Giveaway here on my blog. We've got tons of entries already! So exciting! Giveaway ends this Sunday and the winner will be receiving their money on Monday. 

I'm giving away a SIMPLE BLOG DESIGN on Karly's blog as well. So if you need a new blog design make sure to enter at Three in Three.

Last but not least I'm also participating in Mandy's (A Sorta Fairytale) $150 Target gift card giveaway. If you are already following me then you've already got an entry all you gotta do is click a button and you are entered! EASY PEASY! 

That's it for today people. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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