December 24, 2013

DIY Sharpie Mugs

If you have a pinterest account chances are you've seen these all over! I am probably one of the last people to board the sharpie mug diy train. After I had Levi I stopped crafting. Having a newborn on top of two kiddos is exhausting and left me with no time or energy to do anything crafty. Well it's been almost a year (ahh my baby is turning one!) and I FINALY feel like I'm getting back to my crafty self. 

Now I'm sure you don't even need a tutorial for this, I mean there's already TONS on pinterest but I though I would write one on my blog anyway just because. This is a super easy, cheap and fun craft to do so if you're like me and you've been wanting to try this, then do it! These mugs make great gifts! Here's what you will need...
I got my white mugs at IKEA but you can find some at your local dollar store and those will work just fine. I decided to use gold sharpies for my mugs. I LOVE polka dots, so I wanted one of my mugs to be polka dotted. Dots are pretty easy to draw and it's ok if they're not perfect, they still look cute...
Once you finish your mugs you just pop em in the oven at 350°F for 30 mins and you are all set! Easy Peasy! I made a total of FOUR mugs...
 Three of them are gifts and one I made for myself. Can you guess which one is mine? ;)

Have you made a sharpie mug? 


  1. love the one with the psalm. is that one yours?

  2. These are great! I tried this, though, and the sharpie seems to be coming off already after washing the mug once. Any suggestions?


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