December 2, 2013

5 Tips on Making Birthdays Around The Holidays Special with Hallmark

I chose this super cute Hallmark birthday card for my sister as part as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias® but all opinions are my own.
My sister's birthday falls just one week after Thanksgiving. Usually people who have their birthday on or around the Holidays get a little forgotten or not celebrated as much. I wanted to make sure my sister knew how much I appreciate her and make her day count this year. Hallmark cards are the perfect way to do this. I walked into Walmart and found rows and rows of beautiful cards. I love going through Hallmark cards and reading the inside of em. I mean Hallmark knows exactly what I want to say and words it perfectly in a pretty little card.
I found the perfect birthday card! Beautiful little glittery birds on the outside...
and simple and sweet words on the inside...
Here are FIVE tips on how you can make Birthdays around the Holidays special...

Ok this one is obvious. We all buy cards for different occasions: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays etc. Hallmark cards are the perfect way to express those words you just can't seem to put together yourself. You can also create a birthday card file where you can organize your cards by month so that you don't forget to send or give birthday cards year round. 

If you enjoy cooking then you could make that special person their favorite meal. This shows them that you pay attention to details and know them well enough to know what their favorite meal is. They will feel appreciated and loved. I mean I love eating so if someone would take the time to cook something I love that shows me how much they care about me. If you're not into cooking (that's ok!) you can take them to their favorite restaurant! 

Don't just give them a gift card, take them to their favorite store and spend time with that person as they pick out something for their birthday. Now you might be thinking that guys don't like shopping and you may be right but I'm sure if you take your guy to a sporting goods store and tell them to pick something chances are they won't turn you down.

Plain and simple. Do things you know that person likes. Go places that person enjoys being in. Make the day ALL about them and not about you. Your birthday will come! If that person enjoys the same thing as you then it's a WIN WIN. If not then remember it's just ONE day and it's NOT about you.

Has the person been "hinting" about something they'd like for their birthday? Then just buy it! Nothing is worse than expecting something for your birthday and not getting it. I've been there! lol If it's out of your budget get a couple people involved and have them all pitch in so that it's from all of you. 
Check out the SoFab Holiday Digital Magazine for more tips.

You can find Connections for Hallmark cards at select Walmarts. 
Visit the Connections for Hallmark website to find out if your nearest Walmart carries Hallmark products. 

Do you have family or friends who have birthdays on or around the Holidays? 
How do you make their birthdays special?


  1. These are such great ideas :) I've always been so happy and thankful that my birthday wasn't around Christmas time because it really would be kind of a bummer!

  2. Love this, it's such a hard time to have a birthday!


  3. Great list! My favorite thing to do is to take people out to dinner on their birthday's! It's always such a nice treat!

  4. My first daughter, Afton, has her birthday on the 10th of December, so we're always trying to do something that would be particularly special for her. I adore that card, it was the first thing I noticed in the picture! The second thing I noticed was that we have the same plant, but I have a different white pot, ha ha ha. This year Afton wants a special snowflake cake, because she is obsessed with snow, and wants to go someplace snowy this winter.

  5. These are such great tips on how to make holiday birthdays special! I especially love the tip of making the day about them. Thanks for sharing.



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