December 12, 2013

DIY Metallic Glass Vases

If you follow me on instagram then you got to see a little sneak peek of my friend Julie and I working on these pretties. I mentioned in a previous post on how I finally convinced my friend Julie to start up her own blog and how we are gonna be getting together to craft and post about it on our blogs. Well her blog design is up and she's gonna begin posting VERY soon so go check out her blog and give her a follow... trust me you will LOVE her!

Ok so on to today's post. Julie pinned this DIY on pinterest a while back and well I don't have a link to it you guys cause we couldn't find it. But it's SUPER easy to do. They're meant to look wet and such like the ones above. They're not meant to be perfect which is awesome because you don't have to stress about them coming out perfect.

PLEASE excuse the grainy pics. I completely forgot to take my camera and we ended up using my phone for these photos.

What you do is just get something you'd like to spray paint. We used these empty gallon glass jugs that once held apple juice...
Make sure you clean your vase, jug or whatever you are using really well. Then you mix a little bit of soap and lots of water into a spray bottle and spray your jug lightly...
once your jug/vase/jar is wet you can spray paint it. We used Krylon's Looking Glass Mirror-Like Paint which Julie bought from Wal-Mart. Here's Julie going at it. She's a spray paint ninja...
and the spray paint newbie (me)...
We actually spray painted two jugs and two wine bottles and then we ran out of paint.
I love them! Here is Julie's jug displayed at her house...
I didn't take one of mine because I haven't found a permanent home for it yet. 
Pretty easy huh? I had so much fun crafting over at Julie's! She's coming over next week and we are planning to craft another project or two so stay tuned! 
UPDATE: You can find a MORE DETAILED tutorial on Julie's blog HERE.


  1. They look amazing, Cindy! Love the metallic look! What a fabulous upcycle!!

  2. LOVE these!! I think I may need to do this soon! :)

  3. I LOVE the look! Thanks for this blog post Cindy!


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