December 10, 2013

The Thinkery

This past Sunday we took the kids to the Grand Opening of The Thinkery which is the new Children's Museum in Austin. We absolutely LOVED it. The old museum was small, had no parking and was a little stinky if you ask me. lol This new museum is AWESOME. It's two stories tall. It's modern and has TONS of cool stuff for kids to do. This picture above is the view from the second story. 

The kids got to meet Clifford, HEB buddy + Curious George at the grand opening...
There's this awesome water section in the second floor where kids can put on some crocs and aprons because they end up getting a little wet while playing...
I took TONS of pictures but narrowed it down to just these because I got lazy editing and uploading them. You can view a couple more that I posted on Instagram.

If you don't already follow me on instagram then you might want to cause I'll be posting little sneak peeks of projects my hubby and I are working on. Ok it's mostly him but I've got some design input ;)

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