December 3, 2013

Family of Five

My sister took this picture of us on Thanksgiving. 
I can't believe that just last year around this same time we took this one...
We are now a family of FIVE. 

We often get asked if we are having anymore kids and our answer is NO, we don't plan on it. 
Of course our plans may be different from God's.
Some people say "that's good, three is enough" and others "why? ya'll should have at least one more"

I am thankful and very satisfied with our little family of five. 
I have always wanted THREE kids and I feel tremendously blessed to have them. 

We prayed for our firstborn to be a boy.
I prayed for our second to be a girl
(I say I because my husband wanted another son but he's SUPER in love with his daughter now that he has her)
and we both prayed for number three to be a boy.


There's just something about praying specific prayers and having God answer them that leaves you feeling so grateful and totally undeserving.

I seriously feel I don't deserve any of them. From my husband to my three kids. 
They truly are answered prayers. Thank you LORD for my family of five!


  1. OH my gosh!!! I love those pictures side by side - they are BEAUTIFUL!!! You are such a gorgeous family!

  2. You have a beautiful family!

  3. You have such a sweet family! Children really are the most amazing gifts from God. True blessings.


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