November 3, 2011

Seven Things

I was tagged in this fun questionnaire by Kourtney from Sunshine Blossoms 
whom you might remember for this awesome giveaway on my blog a while back!
I thought it would be fun to share 7 random things about myself for those of
you who don't know me personally! :)

1. Write seven things about yourself.
2. tag other blogs to do this.
3. notify them.

 My blog name is a mix of my name and my daughter's name 
Cindy + Sarah= CINSARAH! It's a username I created for skype so I could skype 
with my sister who lives 3hrs away. I don't use skype anymore because I forgot about it! 
but I liked the name so I thought it would be fun to name my blog CINSARAH 
even though it's a made up word and it  probably didn't make sense to many of 
you until now. Oh and you know what's funny?! Some people think my name
is Sarah because of my blog title so they will randomly e-mail me Hi Sarah! LOL

I can play drums, and I play them at church. Which is not your typical girly 
instrument  and I'm not a PRO or anything! I learned when I was about 8 or 9 and
I've been playing since. (on and off) It sometimes surprises people to know I play drums
 idk why? but I love playing drums and singing. I also sing :)

I freak out easily! You don't want to scare me because I can end up crying and you 
will  just end up feeling bad! ha! My hubby scared me once at my mom's house, I 
was in my sister's room using the computer and he got there after work and ran up to the 
opened window to surprise me and I screamed so loud and ended up crying of fear! 
LOL He felt terrible but he hasn't scared me since!

I am not a pet person! I think puppies are cute and I'm sorry
if I offend you but I HATE cats! I'm just not a pet person at all!
I won't go into details because I know many of you have pets and
Love them like family! I respect that! :)

 We don't have cable and I love that! About 3 years ago we had DISH
 and DVR and Loved it! I loved recording shows and watching them when
I could but the $50/month we found was not a necessity so we got rid of the
unnecessary bill and survived! The kids watch PBS kids now which is way
better and more educational than any of the Disney or NickJr shows and
we watch online episodes, our favorite is The Office! :)

We started buying more organic items ever since we saw the Food Inc.
movie on netflix! So it's been about 1yr 1/2 that we've bee buying organic
eggs/milk/juice etc especially if it's for the kiddos! It's a little more expensive
but the best investment for your health and your body. 

I don't like milk!
That's it, haha I just don't like it. I can drink it as chocolate milk
or with cereal and such but I will not drink a glass of milk! 

I will tag the following lovely ladies, and of course
it isn't mandatory that you do this yourself but it is fun and I 
would love to learn 7 things about you! 

1. Lindsay at Southern Lovely
2. Pamela at PB&J Stories
3. Nicole at Miss Mommy
4. Evelyn at Delightful Creations



  1. haha your funny girl! Love it ill do it right now :) oh and by the way, i love that movie, Food Inc. It opened up my eyes to a lot of things.
    oh and were about to get rid of cable too! lol

  2. I love it!!! Oh and I've totally been so scared by someone I cried too... totally understandable! :)

    Can't wait to do mine, thanks for the tag !!! See you Wed-nes-day ;)

    Pamela @

  3. What lovely random facts. I totally would've never guessed what your blog name meant, so thanks for sharing ... it's cute :) And I totally do the same as #3 LOL.

  4. Oh, I love learning more about you! What fun little details! Thanks for tagging me! I will try to get to that soon!

  5. Haha that's funny! I thought maybe Sarah was your middle name or something!
    That is SO cool that you play the drums! They seem like they would be tons of fun to play. My hubby also does and play at church as well!
    Oh my goodness, I despise cats!!
    We haven't had cable for about that long either -- totally doable and like you said, kinda nice! We actually get quite a few channels for just basic. And we also have Netflix that we received as a Christmas gift.
    Totally agree with you on the organic thing. When you really start reading about the harmful things that can be in food and the millions of ways they affect your body and health, spending a bit more and adjusting your budget is so completely worth it. I'm even starting to make our own things like laundry/dish/hand/body soap, shampoos, etc. so that I know the ingredients are safe AND it's much cheaper!
    It was so fun getting to know more about you with this. :)

  6. Hi! I am a new follower from Tag Along Thursday! This was great!


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