November 7, 2011

My First What I Wore

I love reading blogs of people who post what they wear and I've always wanted to do it too but seriously I don't dress as nice as I would like. Most of the time I am wearing sweats (please read that in your nacho libre voice) and t-shirts. The only time  I actually "dress up" is for church on Saturdays. So this weekend I hired a photographer  who is super talented and affordable! He only charged me $0.50! (my five year old son!) and got some pictures to share with you all. I'm not the most fashionable person! I like to keep things simple, so I have a ton of black in my closet! It's my favorite color to wear. It's slimming and chic, you can never go wrong with black...
Blazer: Forver 21. Top: Old Navy Skirt: Ann Taylor Loft Booties (Shoes): Cato Ring: Etsy
I wore my hair naturally (curly) which I usually don't because it usually frizzes but this weekend it was actually very tame so I didn't straighten it like I usually do. Anyways  I don't know if I will continue this WIW stuff, maybe every once in a while. I just did  this so you all can "get to know me" a little better! I love reading more about the people behind the blog and seeing pictures so I figured you might too, I could be wrong! lol


  1. Gorgeous! You look beautiful and I say you do these posts all of the time, xoxo

  2. Aw, you look fabulous Cindy! I love that skirt! Let's be honest though, you could rock just about anything. :)

  3. Girl you look pretty! I'm lovin that skirt;) you should do this more often! It'll inspire us to go shopping, hehe ;)

  4. great outfit! and i totally get the curly hair part. mine is naturally curly and its an ongoing battle between my hair and south texas humidity! :) cant wait to see more wiw!

  5. You are so pretty!!! I love that outfit- I'm a huge fan of black & white. I know what you mean about only dressing up for one would want to see what I'm wearing right now!!
    I agree- I love when bloggers post pictures of themselves; I feel like I get to know the people behind my favorite blogs a little better. Do this again! :)

  6. I LOOOOVE that skirt!

    And I'm with you all the way... I rarely "dress up." Usually I'm in jeans and a tee.

    You did great for your first What I Wore! Cheers!

  7. Great Outfit! Your very right - Black is so chic... Blak is one of my favorite colors in my closet too.... I on the otherhand have too much of it. I am doing my best to buy more patterns and colors... and Im really loving what I am getting from it - outfit wise.

    Pop on by Little Miss Mama and Link Up your What I Wore post - My first Fashion Linky Party and would love for everyone to play!

    Your Newest Fan and Follower ... Tairalyn


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