November 23, 2011

I'm on Twitter!

Guess What? I'm sure you already know from the title huh? I finally opened up a twitter account for my blog! I already have a personal twitter account which I never use because honestly I still don't really get twitter! It confuses me! I know some of you have twitter though and love it, so I hope to learn to use it and keep you guys updated on posts and such through twitter! You want to know the real reason why I got twitter? (don't laugh!) I just LOVE the little bird and love seeing it on other blogs so I wanted to have a little bird button on my blog too! ha! So you can find me on twitter by clicking that little bird button on my sidebar or I guess you can find me with my username @CinsarahBlog or you can simply click here. So will you all please follow me? So far I have one AWESOME follower which is Pam from PB&J Stories! :)


  1. Yay! That's funny that u say that too cause it confuses me as well! I think that's the main reason why I haven't decided on having one! Lol do u have to have twitter in order for me to follow u? Sorry have no idea ;)

  2. I'm following you on twitter now, cause i got it too! yay :)


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