November 23, 2011

Guest Post Wednesday: Maybe Matilda

It's Wed-nes-day!! Time for another fabulous guest!! Today we have Rachel from Maybe Matilda. I found Rachel's lovely blog at a link party (can't remember which one) when I started blogging and I immediately fell in love with her blog! She's funny, cute & a super crocheter! Today she is here sharing some fun color palettes for christmas decor. I have to let you all know that I personally do not celebrate christmas and I will not go into details unless you guys want me to or you can always just message me and ask. I know Rachel put in such wonderful work into this post and she didn't know I didn't celebrate christmas so I felt bad asking her to re-do a whole post for me cause I know how busy us mamas can be! However I know most of you do celebrate christmas so I'm sure you will enjoy this post! :)
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Hi! I'm Rachel from the blog and etsy shop Maybe Matilda, where I love sharing my crochet, sewing, and home decor. I like to try and branch out of my norm for guest posts . . . sometimes I get stuck in a rut on my own, and I think of guest posts as a way to get out of my comfort zone and try something different from what I normally post about "at home."

I considered what I enjoy most about Cindy's blog--one thing I'm always inspired by is her use of color. Her designs showcase her beautiful sense of color--I always love seeing what shades she's used and how they work together!

So I thought, since I'm always inspired by her color choices, I'd share a few color palettes I love . . . for Christmas decor! I'm starting to set up and create some Christmas decorations at my house, and have had a lot of fun searching through images of beautiful Christmas decor and deciding what would work best at my house. 
I love simple, icy colors in Christmas decor, like this beautiful green and silver display. You can keep it simple and classic by focusing on white and silver decor but add a fun punch with your favorite color--like the gorgeous lime green pictured above.
Sometimes the traditional red and green can feel a little cheesy--but it can still look sophisticated and beautiful by swapping out the deep hunter green for a brighter, happier shade, and keeping the reds bright and punchy.
Using various shades of one color makes for a huge impact and a very chic look--the pinks in this display have a vintage vibe and make beautiful decor.
Adding an unexpected color makes for a vivid and vibrant Christmas look--who would have guessed purple would make such a great holiday color? But when placed against a crisp neutral backdrop, the jewel-y purples in this room look just right.
My personal favorite (and the look I'm going for this year)--a clean and classic white Christmas. Although my home certainly won't compare to a Martha Stewart photo spread, I'll be sticking with white, silver, and cream colors in my Christmas decor. I love the simplicity and beauty of a palette of various crisp whites and icy silvers. I can't wait to create some new decor for my home this Christmas!

What colors are you planning to use in your decor this year?

Thanks for having me, Cindy, and I hope you'll all swing by and say hi!
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Thank you so much Rachel for sharing these beautiful color palettes with us! :)



  1. Oh how I love Rachel's blog! She has the best ideas. I love all the pretty colors shown for decorating. I think it's fun to change it up & do something unexpected! Thanks for sharing!

  2. so happy to be your newest follower!


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