April 17, 2012

Hello Kitty Birthday Party

Here are some pictures from my daughter's birthday party this past weekend. The party theme was Hello Kitty which she LOVES. Like I had mentioned on friday's post we planned an outside party and then I found out that there was a 50% chance of rain for Sunday so I was thinking the party might have to be inside. Well It did end up raining that morning but it lasted about 10mins and then it quickly turned into a beautiful day! We had a great time! Here is my little Princess....
Some pictures with Mommy...
Here are some close ups of the party decor & details. I made a couple party printables like Pin the Bow on the Hello Kitty and little cupcake flags which I will share later this week with you all as freebies! :)
Make sure to check back later this week for those free printables if you are planning a Hello Kitty party! 


  1. How adorable, Cindy! You did such a fantastic job of putting the table together. She's a very lucky girl! :)

  2. This is SUCH an adorable party. Oh friend, you did a fabulous job making every detail so perfect. And the birthday girl makes me smile, she is just so pretty!

  3. OH MY GOSH!! This is GORGEOUS!! It turned out SO CUTE!! I love the table set up - precious! Those straws are adorable!! Good work!!

  4. Wow, this is so amazing! My daughter would be so envious, she just loves Hello Kitty. I would like to have an outdoor party for my daughter too but I would need to hire a temporary fence since we live in an open space area.


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