April 9, 2012

The Lord's Supper Pins

Hi Friends! I am still alive! :) The reason I've been MIA lately is because we celebrated The Lord's Supper last week (Thursday, April 5th) and we were pretty busy getting things ready. I create the pins we used for that day and I wanted to show you all how I made them...
Aren't they cute? I made 35 of these and here are the supplies I used..
I bought 35(1in) little loaves of breads from a wonderful etsy shop: Treasure's by Tina. Tina was a pleasure to work with! I'm so happy with the outcome! Here is a list of the supplies I used:

-Green Felt (for leaves on grapes)
-Tan Felt (for the back of the pins)
- Twine
-Tiny Loaves
-Purple Mini Pom Poms (for grapes)
-Pins (from jewelry section)
-Glue Gun

I basically took the twine around my fingers to create a circle and then with hot glue I glued it on to the tan felt. I then glued all the loose ends and trimmed it up nicely. Once I had created all of my circles I cut them out and finished them by gluing the grapes (with felt leaves) & loaves of bread. The last thing was to hot glue the pins to the back and that's it! It does take quite a while to finish 35 but it's totally worth it. I had so much fun doing these lovely pins! It had been a while since I had spent a whole day just crafting!


  1. What a great idea! I wish I had seen in earlier, and made them for the women in my missional community.

  2. This is great! What a very neat idea, I bet everyone loved it. Thanks for sharing with us, friend!


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