April 30, 2012


On weekends we go to the park...
we ride cows...
and visit the flea market for mangoes on a stick...
...ok maybe not every weekend but this past weekend was sure fun!
How do you spend your weekends?


  1. What a fun weekend with some adorable kiddos! We spent our weekend participating in kid famine as youth leaders. Kid famine is our churches version of the 30 hour famine but for 2nd-5th graders. We spent 18 hours fasting, serving, raising money and learning more about kids just like them suffering from hunger. The kids raised over $1800 for hungry kids in Uganda. It was an awesome experience for us as leaders and for the kids that participated.

  2. Mmm... mangoes on a stick! Wish we had that here...we're huge mango lovers! :D Our weekend was pretty chill...Although we did have some DeLiciOus tacos at Torchy's this weekend! Barbacoa makes my tummy happy hehe.

  3. Sounds like a pretty awesome weekend! Love the pictures, friend!

  4. aw cindy! i love your kiddos! so stinkin cute!!!


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