April 10, 2012


Did you know I'm on Instagram?
You can find me with my username: Cinsarah

I've had Instagram for a while now but never really used it as much as recently.
I am doing the Photo a Day April challenge from Fat Mum Slim.
It's super fun! I have been doing pretty good keeping up with it but we will see
if I can finish the month! Are you on Instagram? Let me know your username so
I can follow you! Here are two of my instagram photos...
Speaking of Instagram I just found out that Facebook bought Instagram
for 1 Billion Dollars!! That's Crazy!! What are your thoughts?!


  1. I love Instagram! I can't believe someone bought it for that much though. Insane. You have an adorable family. I need to follow you on Instagram. :)

  2. Hi Cindy! I'm also participating in Fat Mum Slim's challenge. I'm following you now on Instagram! My Instagram username is catherinel618.

  3. I really love instagram but sometimes forget to use it! my user name is trinaniem if you are looking for more instagram buddies. I can't believe it sold for that much! There are something like 13 employees or something too. can you say CHA CHINGGGGG


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