October 21, 2014

Our Master Bathroom Currently

FINALLY! Here is the bathroom update I promised. As most of you know we started our master  bathroom remodel process this summer. I shared the before photos here. It's taken us WAY longer than I thought but at least most of the big stuff is done and we can actually use the shower again. There are still a couple details left and they require money so we are waiting to save a little more to completely finish it. One of the main things we still have to do is this little area next to our shower...
We plan to make this into a small vanity but we still have to grout the floors and fix the walls. 
The mirrors and lighting are all done but we still need to update our countertop and cabinets. I am so ready to see those pink cabinets gone! We already purchased the hardware for the doors but haven't had a chance to paint the cabinets just yet. Here is a list of things we still have to do in order to finish this restroom:

- fix walls
- grout the tile in the vanity space
- buy rain shower
- install new baseboards
- paint cabinets
- install cabinet hardware
- get new granite countertop
- install vanity mirror

I think that is pretty much it. I hope we can finish it soon but it doesn't look like it because as you may have seen on instagram. We have already started on another project. My husband is building bunk beds for Joshua's room so it looks like his bedroom will be done before our bathroom is. That's ok as long as we keep working on the house, a little bit here and a little bit there. 

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  1. Looking good so far! Did y'all frame the mirror yourselves, or buy it? What color are you considering for the cabinets?


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