April 15, 2014

The Next BIG Project

Guess what? We're about to start another big project! Our Master Bathroom is getting a makeover. We have been wanting to re-do this bathroom for a while now but we didn't have the budget to do it. A couple years ago we noticed something was wrong with the wall behind the shower. There was dirt/wood pieces coming out from the bottom when we showered. My husband caulked it all and we forgot about it. We started taking the baseboards off of this bathroom a couple weeks ago to put new ones when we found this...
GROSS! Just keepin' it real. There's mold and rotting going on behind that wall thanks to a leak that's been on going for quite some time. Thankfully our insurance is covering it. So there's gonna be some fixing and changes to this bathroom. I am not sure how long it will take but I will be posting updates on the blog as we go. My husband is tearing up the shower this afternoon so I will make sure to take pictures of that as well. I'm excited! I've been pinning bathrooms like crazy on Pinterest. We have a few ideas of what we would like and I will share them on here soon but for now you can look at what our bathroom currently looks like which will soon be our before pictures!
 I'm so excited! More posts to come soon!


  1. So exciting! I love a good remodel! Good luck!

  2. So fun! Can't wait to see what you do. You have a great space to work with.


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