April 1, 2014

WSW - Skirts + Rain Boots

Glasses: Crazy 8 | Top: Crewcuts via Thred Up | Vest: Crewcuts via Thred Up | Skirt: Dot Dot Smile | Boots: Hunter 

We went shopping yesterday to the outlets and as we were browsing through the aisles of Crazy 8 Sarah pointed at these sunglasses and said "look mom just like yours" so of course I bought them! The weather has been perfect here in Texas. Sunny + in the high 70's to low 80"s. I am loving it! Not looking forward to those SUPER HOT summer days though. 

Sarah is turning FIVE in just a couple weeks. She's so excited! She's been talking about it for the past month. I can't even believe how fast she's growing! She will be starting Kinder this year and I will miss her terribly. I'm pretty sure I will cry. Meanwhile I will be enjoying these last couple of months of having her home with me 24/7. 


  1. Um....this is freaking adorable! That is all! :)

  2. Love the outfit. Texas heat is a nightmare.

  3. O..M..G..I want that outfit!!! So cute for a kid or an adult. Haha! And she models like a pro!!


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