April 22, 2014


I just realized I never shared these on my blog. Little miss Sarah turned FIVE on the 13th and I asked my sister to take a couple photos of her in a nearby bluebonnet field. These were my faves! Since little miss Sarah turned five I'm gonna share five things that I love about her...

ONE She loves to sing.
Sarah and I sing along to the radio and just recently we sang a special together at church. I posted a picture and a little snippet of us singing on instagram. I love it when I'm playing drums at church and I turn to look at her and she's singing and clapping and praising God!

TWO She calls me her best friend.
I love it! Sure she gets mad at me and says I'm no longer her best friend on occasion but I just love the fact that she calls me her best friend. She's my little best friend too. 

THREE She's a little mommy.
She not only looks like me she tries to act like me too. She's a good big sister to Levi. She loves taking care of him and feeding him like if she's his mommy. 

FOUR She isn't afraid.
She's not afraid to try new things. Take swimming lessons for instance she was more than willing to try and not once did she complain or cry. Her brother on the other hand took a couple weeks to convince and get in the water but not Sarah. She's my little daredevil... most of the time.

FIVE She loves her big brother
There's nothing cuter that watching your kids play together. Sarah looks up to Josh and loves to play with him. Sure they have their moments where they end up fighting and there's crying involved but they mostly get along very well. I love hearing the conversations they have and I love hearing them laugh together. It's the best!



  1. Those photos are STUNNING!! Love 'em!!

  2. These photos are beautiful! She is such a big girl now!

  3. These are lovely photos! Happy birthday to your sweet girl!

  4. omg...these pics are beautiful...one of the things i miss most about Texas is the bluebonnets!


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