October 13, 2014

Exterior Updates

I've taken a break from blogging but the home updates haven't stopped. I shared a photo of our new painted front door on instagram this summer but I hadn't blogged about it. We also finally fixed the rotten siding that the termites left behind. This is what the exterior looked like before...
We still have to paint all of the siding in our home but at least things are looking a little better with the new door and siding. My in laws stayed with us for a whole month this Summer so my father in law helped us paint the front door with some leftover paint we had from Joshua's room. I am loving my new blue door!
Isn't it great how a little paint can make a big change? You can see the before an after of the door here. From boring to BAM!
I will be sharing our current bathroom remodel state later this week so make sure to check back on that. I am also thinking about doing another AS IS HOME TOUR soon! Would you all be interested in joining me? If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out this post from last year or look through my AS IS HOME TOUR label here. Our home has changed from last year so I would love to share what our home currently looks like and I would love to see what your homes look like as well. It really is very motivating to see the changes made in a year, from home upgrades to little decor changes. It's all fun! :)


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