October 15, 2014

My Browsing Real Estate Addiction

One of my favorite apps is the Realtor app. I love browsing through it finding beautiful homes I cannot afford. I'm weird like that. Are you weird like that too? I can't help it, I love looking at homes! I recently found a home I fell in love with. I love it so much I would convince my husband to sell our home and move if we had the money. My favorite style of homes are both craftsman and ranch style. This is a ranch style home that has been renovated beautifully! Take a look...
Isn't it perfect? It's got everything I would want right down to the large backyard. If we ever buy some land I would want to build a house just like this. I will be so sad the day that little "pending" banner appears on this house! I've got a list of homes in "my saved real estate" folder in the app and I get sad each time one of them sells. I'm weird like that, tell me I'm not alone! Do you like browsing through real estate? It's an addiction! Kinda like Pinterest!


  1. I do the exact same thing! Especially when we were thinking about buying a new house. I practically LIVED on our local real estate site for like 2 years leading up to when we finally made up our minds to move.
    Now I like looking to get design ideas. That house is awesome!


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