February 4, 2014

Making Healthy Choices with Jimmy Dean Delights

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As most of you know I started a healthy + fit journey a couple weeks ago. It hasn't been easy! I am not used to working out but I'm finding I am starting to like it, maybe even love it. One thing is for sure making healthy food choices is what REALLY makes the difference! You can work out all you want but if you don't make a change in your eating habits you won't see much of a difference. 

You know how they say "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" well whoever they are, they're right! I notice the days I actually eat breakfast and not just any breakfast but a well balanced + healthy one I tend to make healthy choices throughout the day. Some days I am in the mood to cook and will whip up an omelet and other days I am either too busy or too lazy too cook and it's a cereal and milk kinda day. Well Jimmy Dean Delights came to my rescue with their delicious low calorie breakfast options. I went into Walmart and I couldn't decide on just one so I picked these two...
I paired my yummy flatbread sandwich with strawberries and coffee in my new sharpie mug.
Although the flatbread was really good, I gotta say the breakfast bowl was my favorite.
It's got everything I'd want in a breakfast taco: turkey sausage, egg, potatoes + cheese.
 I decided to give Levi a try of my yummy breakfast bowl...
and he took over. Forget the spoon! He dug right in with his chubby little fingers...
No problem though I still had my flatbread which by the way is just 160 calories! 
All of Jimmy Dean Delights products are under 300 calories and a great source of protein! So if you are on a healthier journey yourself go to Walmart and pick up a box or two of Jimmy Dean Delights. You can also check them out on FacebookTwitter or Instagram. 

If you'd like more healthy meal ideas you can follow me on instagram. I like to post pictures of food, healthy food that is. You can search #cinsarahgetsfit as well to follow me on my healthy + fit journey! 


  1. That looks delicious!! Love that Jimmy Dean is offering healthy options!!

  2. Yum, I love Jimmy Dean Sausage! I love the fact the sandwich is only 160 calories!

  3. once my morning sickness fades, I'll check these out!

  4. Oh my gosh! :) Okay, a few things:

    1. Your Sharpie mug is ADORABLE.

    2. Levi!!!!??? Could he be any cuter!????

    3. Your pictures are breathtaking.

    4. Those look scrumptious, and I want to try them now! :)

    (Okay, 4 things...whoops!)

  5. That looks soooo good. Yummm! I am getting ready to try the breakfast bowl tomorrow. Can't wait!!

  6. I've had some of these before and LOVED them. Might have to start keeping some at work for the mornings I run late!

  7. That breakfast bowl looks amazing! Yum!

  8. These look so good! Especially the breakfast bowl.


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