February 7, 2014

Five on Friday - Instagram Edition

Happy Friday People! I love Instagram! Who doesn't? I'd much rather see a picture of your cute kid, your OOTD or your Throwback Thursday any day over the drama and bore Facebook has become.  So today I am sharing FIVE photos I already shared on Instagram with a little story behind each of the photos.
Caption: I'm not sure this qualifies as clean eating but it's what I felt like eating for lunch today. Lunch: tomato basil soup + grilled cheese. I put spinach in my grilled cheese, that counts right? Also I haven't gone to the gym since last Thursday! Going today though! #lunch#cinsarahgetsfit

I've been craving (no I'm not pregnant) tomato basil soup from Schlotzkys or Whole Foods for sometime now. So when I saw Costco had some and it was on sale I bought it thinking it was gonna taste just as yummy and it didn't. It's not bad but not what I expected so there sits two huge tubs of tomato basil soup in my fridge. The grilled cheese was yummy though! 


Caption: Sarah likes to play restaurant almost everyday. She likes taking your order, cooking the food and then delivering the food. Today she made Levi the cook. Me:"This food is delicious!" Sarah:"thank you! It's our little cook, he cooks good" I love it! 

Seriously this little girl is awesome! OK all kids are awesome! I love watching Sarah set up her little restaurant complete with napkins and fake money. She always comes and asks me for my order and I play along. I love it! I miss being a kid, don't you?


Caption: "Look mom I made a path in my oatmeal like Moses!"- Josh

This boy makes me laugh! I love the things he comes up with! He's such a smarty pants and that's not always a good thing. I mean he outsmarts me sometimes! He's always got a smart remark or something witty to say. I'm not trying to toot my own horn or anything but he reminds me a lot of myself at that age. Yes I was... ok still am a smart aleck. I call it sarcasm now. 

PS. You can find more witty things this boy has said here and here


Caption: Happy Mail! Mostly for Sarah but Levi got some cute swimming shorts too! #happymail #gap #crewcuts

I can't wait for spring/summer! Now I know here in TX we haven't had it as bad as some of you northern people have with the snow and everything but still, I am over Winter! With all of the cute spring/summer clothes coming out now, I went a little online shopping last week and my items arrived yesterday! I am loving YELLOW, can you tell? 


Caption: Levi watching his brother + sister in swimming lessons#leviasher

I can't believe how big Levi is! It's so sad! I miss my baby, I miss my newborn! Ok not completely, I am glad he's sleeping through the night but why must he grow? I've been feeling it even more now that I see some of my bloggy friends having their babies and seeing pictures of them. Ahh I miss that newborn smell! 

That's all folks! I've got some EXCITING NEWS for ya'll next week! (NO I'm not pregnant) 
I can't wait to dish out the details of what's to come on this little blog of mine. 
Till then hope you all have a fun + safe weekend! Stay warm!! 


  1. Love this version of 5 on Friday! Your pics are fantastic. I'm now following you on Instagram! (iarias82)

  2. OH man!! Cute cute cute summer clothes finds! I can't wait to start shopping for Abigail's spring/summer wardrobe!

  3. That soup looks delish and I love the chubby cheeks in the last picture!


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