January 16, 2014

Things My Kids Say

A while back I wrote a post where I shared some funny things my son Joshua has said. It's something I want to remember forever. My daughter has started saying some cute and funny things herself so here are some things both of my kiddos have said...

1. Having lunch with Joshua at school one day he says...
"That's Taiwayne, he's the smallest in our class. 
It's because he doesn't take naps!"

2.  One day my daughter, Sarah, gets upset with Josh and tells him he's fired and he replies...
"You can't fire me Sarah, I don't have a job!"

3. I always lay outfits for Joshua for school so he can change himself and one morning he says... Joshua: "I don't want to wear this shirt"
Me: "Why?"
Joshua: "Because I look handsome."
Me: " You don't look handsome, you look normal" 
 (I have to tell him that or he won't wear it.")
Joshua: "Well I feel handsome"

4. Sarah was watching Daniel Tiger's neighborhood and Daniel asked "What Pajamas should I wear?" and he opens his drawers to display 3 different pairs of Pj's and Sarah says with a sassy tone:
"The trolly ones you always wear them!" 

5. Me: "Sarah when are you gonna go to school?"
   Sarah: "Well, I'm thinking I don't like school."

6. We arrived at Joshua's ENT appointment that is right next to the hospital where I had Levi.... Josh:"mom is this where you got pregnant?" 
Sarah: "do you have another baby?"

7. Sarah: "mom does this snack have calories?"
   Josh: "It has 12 milligrams of sodium"

8. Conversation between Josh + Sarah over breakfast:
Josh: Sarah where did you and dad go the other day?
Sarah: I'm not quite sure (yes she said quite! LOL)
Josh: Was it Home Depot?
Sarah: I don't remember the name, everything was dangerous and there were no toys there.
Josh: Yes, that's Home Depot

9. I hand Sarah a broom and teach her to sweep and tell her "if you do a good job you can get married.. just kidding you can't get married yet" and she says "mom I'm nervous" and I ask "nervous, why?" And she says "I'm nervous to get married." 

10. The kids were watching Barney and Barney said "I Love You" after singing the famous "I love you" song and Josh shouts "Ewww, He doesn't even know our family!" 

11. Me: Sarah you need to eat all your food because you're too skinny
Sarah: well that's because I don't like the food that you make.
Me: That's not nice, do you like anything I make?
Sarah: I like rice and snacks

12. The kids always fall asleep listening to KLOVE so one morning Sarah comes to me and says "mommy if you eat spicy things you're gonna grow a monster, the radio said." I was like "huh?" So I called Josh so he can explain to me and he said "No, the radio said if you eat spicy things at night you will have bad dreams." 

I love them! Kids are the best!
What funny things do your kids say?


  1. I love these! I wrote a similar post recently on my blog!

  2. Oh my goodness, I laughed so hard. "I feel handsome." That is SO cute.


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