January 3, 2014

DIY Chalkboard + Wood Planked Wall

Happy Friday!
I finally got around to writing this post. A while back I shared about my husband having the month of December off and how I had a couple projects for him to do. One was a farmhouse table which he finished first and I will write a post about soon and another was this wall.

I've been wanting to do something with this wall for some time now. I initially wanted a planked wood wall and both my husband and I had a agreed but never actually did anything. Then I decided I wanted a whole chalkboard wall but since this wall is textured and very tall I knew it would be a tough project. My husband was the one with the BRILLIANT idea of combining both a wood planked and chalkboard wall. YES! Two of my faves combined into one, LOVE IT!

Here is a list of materials and tools my husband used to create this wall.
It took longer than we planned because we had originally purchased plywood for the board but that turned out to be a big fat fail and had to start over using a sheet of sheetrock for our chalkboard. I didn't list exact measurements or number of boards because our wall is rather tall so I'd say measure your wall and calculate about how much you will need.

- Knotty Pine Plank Boards 
- One sheet of Sheetrock/Gypsum Board cut to the size you'd like your chalkboard to be (we used a sheet of 4x8 cut to 4x6)
- 3 (4x1) Whitewood for frame
Minwax® Special Walnut 224 Stain
Minwax® Polycrylic® Protective Finish in Satin to seal
- Rust Oleum Chalkboard Paint 
- Electrical Tape to go around plug to cover the screws which have current
- White Paint for frame
- Sheetrock Screws 

- Speed Square used as a guide to cut boards straight
- Circular Saw
- 15 Gauge Finish Nail Gun
- Chalk Line Reel to mark and divide center of wall and studs as a guide to nail boards to wall
- Jig Saw to cut outline of electrical outlet
- 5" Orbital Sander
- Router + Rabbeting Bit for back of white frame

First we measured our wall and marked the center and where our wall studs were located using the chalk line reel...
Next we placed the board that would be used for the chalkboard (we ended up using sheetrock NOT plywood) on the wall to see exactly where we wanted it and marked that as well. My husband cut the frame for the board and painted it white. The frame was the LAST piece nailed on to the wall.
I painted the sheetrock with Rust-Oleum's chalkboard paint. It took just two coats to get it nice and dark.
Once the chalkboard was ready my husband screwed on to the wall using sheetrock screw. Then he measured how long he needed his boards to be and cut them all. Once they were cut we placed them on the wall and labeled them on the back (the back of the boards we purchased are beaded on one side and smooth on the other, we used the smooth side) so we knew exactly where each board went. He then sanded, stained and sealed them all.
Once the boards were ready he nailed them on to the wall using our guides to make sure they were nailed on to the wall studs. The last piece was the frame on top. The chalkboard is actually even with the boards on the side so we saved some money there. The frame is the only one overlapping which makes it look like it's placed on top of the wood wall. 
My husband routed the back of the white frame using a Rabbeting bit like this one...
adjusted to the thickness of the plank boards so that that they would fit under the frame. Doing this also helps in that you don't have to worry about being an 1/8 or 1/4 of an inch off in your board measurements because the frame will cover everything nicely.
I am LOVING our new wall! I can't stop looking at it. 
I've got a tutorial coming up of how my husband made the boards super smooth to touch. He worked REALLY hard on this and it totally shows! I wish ya'll could run your hands on the wood because it's so smooth! If you would like to try this DIY tutorial make sure to check back for how to make your boards smooth.

Here is a before and after of this wall. I don't HATE the before but the cubbies were a little in the way so I am in LOVE with the after. It's totally different and brings so much character to our little home.
Stay tuned! There's a couple more posts coming like the farmhouse table, the complete mini dining room makeover and that "how to make your boards smooth" tutorial as well.
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. It looks amazing! and...if possible...even better in person!

  2. It looks fantastic! What a great change!

  3. I'm SO, SO, SO in love with this! Also, where did you get the shelving with the wood planks and pipes (off to the right in the pictures)?

  4. wow! That looks great! The flowers on the table are beautiful too!

  5. Ooh, I love this! And thanks for the chalkboard info as well. Just this past weekend I was trying to figure out what kind of material to make one from.

  6. This is amazing! Truly! I wanted to let you know that it has been featured at this week's link party! http://www.thelifeofjenniferdawn.com/2014/01/a-little-bird-told-me-link-party-75.html

  7. This is beautiful, Cindy! Thanks for sharing!


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