January 24, 2014

The Story of My Missing Rings + My Kinda Style

Happy Friday! 
I don't think I ever shared how I lost my wedding rings have I? 
Well if I did then let me tell you guys again. I didn't loose them, my husband did.
I was getting ready to give birth (Levi) when the nurse tells me: "why don't you hand your rings to your husband." So I did as I was told. I gave the rings to my husband and that was the last time I saw them. We looked EVERYWHERE for them but they never appeared. It's been a year now and I've been hinting at my husband that I'd like new rings but of course I know they are not an option right now as we are tight on money. I mean it's either bills + groceries or rings. That doesn't mean I haven't been looking. There's this ring that I saw at Costco that I TOTALLY fell in LOVE with. I mean that thing is gorgeous but SUPER expensive so as long as I get to peek at it every time we make a trip to Costco I'm good. 

I received an e-mail last week from Jaimie who's the Community Outreach Coordinator at Brilliant Earth and got invited to participate in their Personality Style Challenge. I had never heard of Brilliant Earth before so I clicked on over to their website and the first thing I saw was a diamond ring, a gorgeous little ring. I accepted the challenge and I got sent a style guide of categories based on personal taste to create a style board using their jewelry. Well I was drawn to two categories: glamorous + minimalist. Complete opposites but that's kinda me in a way. You see my style is simple, I don't like too many sparkles, sequins or glitter but I LOVE bling! I prefer to keep things simple yet sport a big chunky necklace or a "bling bling" ring. I don't dress up during the week cause I'm a stay at home mom but I love getting dressed up for church. So I created two outfits I would wear and incorporated some of Brilliant Earth's bling. I like to call my style: CASUAL CLASSY
This is totally me! Now that I created this board I am in the mood to go shopping! If I ever get new rings I'll make sure to let ya'll know. In the meanwhile I will be browsing through the Brilliant Earth website and pin some of my favorites. 

By the Way: I created this style board using Polyvore. Once upon a time WAY before I even started a blog I had a Polyvore account and I loved creating + putting together outfits and such. I even won a couple contests and then I stopped. I am not sure why but I went back and found I have quite a bit of followers. I am thinking I will get back to creating on Polyvore again. You can find me on Polyvore here


  1. I am so sorry about your rings. :( Tim and I both are on our second sets. We went dirt cheap for the second round. I understand how things like that can take a backseat with babies and other responsibilities. Your looks you pieced together are beautiful! I love Polyvore.

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