January 13, 2014

Levi's First Birthday

Ok so I'm a week late... Levi turned one on Tuesday January 7th and my sister who's a photographer came over last week and we had a photoshoot with Mr. Levi. I seriously can't believe Levi is one. I was just remembering the day we left to go to the hospital so excited and ready to meet him and now he's here and he's ONE. We used our new chalkboard wall as a background for some of the photos. Levi has been doing a lot of pointing lately so I love that my sister captured it because it's as if he's saying he's one... 
The cake smash was a total success! Can you tell?
A couple things about Levi:
  • He gives the BEST hugs! He will squeeze you so tight you won't ever want that hug to end. If you pick him up and squeeze him, he will squeeze you right back. Levi's hugs are the best!
  • Levi's middle name is Asher and it means "happy" and this little boy fits that name to a T. He's always happy and always smiling. He's a ball of Joy!
  • He can EAT. He loves everything and anything. 
  • He's STRONG I mean super strong for a baby.
  • Levi LOVES music. At church he lifts up his hands and claps and just worships, it's beautiful!
  • He HATES socks. He's lost so many socks, I have to keep buying new ones. He takes them off as soon as I put them on. The only way they stay on is if he's wearing shoes and he sometimes takes those off too. 
  • He's just overall the happiest easiest baby ever. I feel it's a WHOLE other experience from his sister Sarah. She's a whole other story but I love her just as much. :)


  1. Happy belated Birthday to Levi! Such a big boy and those chubby rolls are to much to handle!

  2. Oh my gosh!!! I"m so jealous of these amazing cake smash pictures!!! SOOO stinking cute! (and also sooooo jealous he is such a happy baby!)


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