April 22, 2013

Shopping on Instagram

I just recently found out that you can shop on instagram. How? Well people open up an instagram account and post stuff they are selling. There are TONS of moms who sell their kid's outgrown clothing. So I started following a bunch of shops and made my very first IG purchase this past week. It's something for Sarah (shocker!). 

Since I need money to support my shopping addiction buy the kids summer clothing, I thought I would open up my own instagram shop and start selling all of the clothing my kids outgrow. I just sold all of Sarah's summer dresses from last year on Ebay(they were so hard to let go of!). I like Ebay to shop.. not so much to sell so I thought I woud give instagram a shot. I do still have a couple of Sarah's stuff left and a bunch of things Levi already outgrew. Most of Joshua's clothes I am saving for Levi so there won't be much of his stuff on there but you will find lots of baby boy clothing and girls too. I also have my entire maternity wardrobe that I would like to sell so you will see lots of cute maternity stuff. 

Follow my shop: @cinsarahshop 
I plan to start posting a couple stuff next week so keep an eye out!

Do you shop on instagram? 


  1. i am SO excited for your maternity clothes! probably too excited! lol!

  2. When I want to scrapbook or do Project Life, buy instagram followers fast I don’t want to have to think about whether I had sent a photo to get printed or not.

  3. There are love stories that move us, like the story instagram followers iphone of Cory (@withhearts) and Bethany (@bethanyolson) who began following each other a year and a half ago at the suggestion of a mutual photographer friend.


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