April 15, 2013

Sarah's fourth birthday

My little princess turned four on Saturday. I took these pictures Saturday morning (the day of her birthday) before heading to church. Instead of a party this year we let her choose a place where she wanted to go eat and pick out a toy she's been wanting. Sarah chose Cracker Barrel because she loves pancakes and a leap pad. She had a great birthday weekend! She was all smiles...
Sarah has such a sweet personality. She will smile and get all excited over the littlest of things. She loves to dress up and the cutest thing of all is after getting dressed she likes to go show her daddy so that he can tell her "Que Bonita" (How Pretty in spanish). I am so thankful for my daughter! Although she has her moments (being dramatic is a girl thing) she is overall sweet + caring. I love my mini me and I love that she calls me her "best friend." Happy Birthday Princess! May God give you MANY more years and may you ALWAYS remain in his ways. 


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