April 19, 2013

Kids Fashion: Zara

I am obsessed with Zara. If I had the money (if I were rich) I would go crazy buying things for the kids. Yup the kids. I don't know why but I ALWAYS end up shopping for them. Even when they don't need clothes (which at the moment they do) I always end up finding cute stuff for them and I'd much rather buy them something than myself. Plus when I shop for myself I like to take my time. I like to try things on. 
I like to do the whole -bend down and make sure nothing shows- test and all. So as I am a momma of three now it's nearly impossible to go shopping for myself. I end up one big hot sweaty mess by then end of the shopping trip and end up depressed because "nothing fit me". So I'd much rather shop for my littles because everything looks cute on them! Here are some outfits I put together using clothing from Zara for each of my three kiddos. I WISH I could buy it all! 
For those of you who don't know... Joshua aka Josh (he wants us to call him Josh) is my little big boy. He's turning SEVEN this year! (WHAT?!)
Sarah is my princess! She's my little girly girl. Loves pink, glitter and polka dots. She just turned FOUR last Saturday. 
Levi is my baby. He's only three months now but wearing SIX month clothing. He's my little chunky monkey. 

So I totalled up everything pictured above and it came out to: $656.70 
Tha'ts without tax....I love you Zara but I can't afford you!
Now I know that H&M has some similar styles for much cheaper and I am DYING to go but I'd rather not at the moment because we would probably go broke and end up with no money for groceries (seriously!). That and my husband wouldn't speak to me for a week lol. So I will patiently wait until I save up some money to get some super cute stuff for the kiddos for this summer. 

Speaking of clothing.... I am thinking about opening up an Instagram shop to sell my kids outgrown clothing and ALL of my maternity stuff too. Would ya'll be interested? If so I'll post more info on another post...


  1. It's probably best there isn't a Zara near me!

  2. there is no zara near me, probably for good reason! the husband and i end up in chicago every year for a work conference of his, this year we were pregnant and bought our first outfit for little man. we made the decision to start saving and be able to go next year to shop without fail! I'm already too excited about it, and its not gunna happen til january!


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