September 26, 2011

Skirt Turned Toddler Maxi Dress & Headband

First of all Thank You All for your wonderful comments and birthday wishes to
my Son Joshua in my previous post! I am glad it encouraged and touched your hearts
I think as followers of Christ it is important to share what he has done in our lives!
We must not keep things to ourselves but let others know how AWESOME he is and
the GREAT things he has done and is capable of doing in our lives!

This skirt was my sister's and she was selling it at a garage sale they had when moving.
As soon as I saw it I loved the fabric and thought it would make a cute dress for my 
daughter. So I took it! :) Here is the before pic of the skirt.
(Notice the bad quality of the before pic taken with my phone!
I have borrowed my sister's camera to take all the afters!)

And here is my little model wearing the dress and matching headband I made
for her. The dress was pretty simple to make especially since I didn't have to
hem it and it was already lined so it was super easy!
I measured my little model then I cut the skirt in half and sewed it up then at the top 
I added a button so It can fit her next summer as well! I made her a matching little 
headband with the leftover fabric and some elastic! I plan on making her more and
maybe posting a tutorial for ya'll! Would you be interested in a tutorial?
As cute as the headband is my princess HATES headbands! Actually she
hates anything on her head! lol She takes off ponytails, clips and anything else
I try to put on her! So before our shoot began we had a little "episode" lol
Here is a picture of the little meltdown we had while trying to put the headband 
on, she even wanted to take off the dress! 
After bribing her with candy Later on she calmed down and decided 
she wanted to wear the dress and headband and pose for me...
Oh yes those flowers are from our neighbor's backyard tree! lol
The tree is so big it's branches come out to our side and Sarah loves
flowers so she wanted to hold one in order for me to take pictures of her!
Yup she's a little Diva! ;)
Oh yes and in case you don't follow me via facebook
(which you should if you don't!) I got my new photshop
this weekend!! whoo hoo! So my etsy shop is up and running again!


  1. That is really cute! My youngest abhors headbands, clips or ponies, too! I bribe, too!

  2. Ha! Love this! I cant keep a bow in my daughters hair.. at all. Even if I give her candy. :)

  3. Yes please! I would LOVE to know how to make this! It is adorable, and you did a really great job! And your little model is too cute. :)


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