September 19, 2011

The Little Chair that Made then Ruined My Thrifty Day!

If you follow me via facebook you read that I went thrift store shopping last week.
I was specifically looking for a desk for the new sewing machine I got from
my parents and sister but I didn't find it that day but I posted this on my FB:
 I didn't find what I was looking for but I found a beautiful chair at a 
goodwill and it was priced $24.99 or so I thought. I never checked the back
and there it had about 5 stickers priced $12.99!! I didn't even see the stickers!
I guess I was super excited because I've been wanting a chair like this for my
 bedroom that I just grabbed it and paid for it! I seriously was having
 an awesome day until at night I brought in the chair from  my garage and
 as I was taking the price stickers off I found the $12.99 ones in the back
and my day was ruined! :/ I wanted to go back but the goodwill is pretty far
and I think I would waste more gas, energy and time trying to get some money
back rather than just let the evil lovely chair just sit in my room looking pretty.
Here is the guilty little chair..
It's so pretty, I couldn't stay mad at it! lol
It was kind of my fault anyways for not checking
all the price stickers. It has a snake print pattern 
and usually I don't like anything with snake skin and such
but this one is so subtle and pretty. 
My very first pillow now sits on this chair.
What do you think? Love it? Hate it?
Would you have bought this for $24.99?

I would love to show you all my bedroom but it is not 100% done as
almost every room in the house! ha! When we moved in, this room had nasty
carpet and ugly wall paper! We painted the room a sage green and 
then we got tired of it so about 3 years ago or so we changed the carpet
to laminate flooring and painted the room a light blue color.
I LOVE IT! It is so calm and clean! I think all that is left to do in this
room now is new lamps, paint the side tables & hang some frames!

Oh and guess what I found on CLEARANCE 
at Target last week?! The bedding I have been wanting!!
I have been wanting this bedding since I first saw it at Target but
it was over $100 and that is just way too much for me so I patiently 
waited for it to go on sale and then I found a bunch of them about 2 weeks
ago for $69 or so and I was about to buy they would mark them down even more
so I had a feeling one day last week that it was marked down (seriously I did!)
and so I went to Target and I found only TWO of them KING size (just what I needed)
for just $24.98!! I LOVE TARGET! :D
 I was so excited!! I can't wait to finish out master bedroom! :)



  1. This is such a find! I am in love with that little chair, so exciting for you!

  2. I think it's cute! Let it go... and pretend you never saw the $12 sticker :)

    Pamela @

  3. That would've made me sick and drove me crazy too. But the upside is you got a totally beautiful chair that was well worth more that the $24.99. So great job anyway. I can't believe it never got snapped up at the original price.

    Hugs...Tracy :)

  4. Oh' yeah, you did a fabulous job on your first pillow. I would have never know it was your first. It's really cute.


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