November 6, 2015

Simple + Modern - My Top Uncommon Goods Picks

Throughout the past year I've developed a love for simple, clean, modern design. I want my home to feel clean, open, and not cluttered at all. The less clutter the bigger and cleaner a room looks. That is my motto and my style as of now. So naturally I am drawn to mid century modern. Lots of wood tones, lots of clean lines. It just seems to fit our new home so well. 

So today I want to share how to keep things simple with your home decor. I want to show you some of my favorite decor items for both home/office and kitchen. I'm especially excited to share some of my favorite kitchen decor items because hopefully soon (I know I've been saying that for a while now) we will begin our kitchen remodel. 

All of my decor picks are from Uncommon Goods. Uncommon Goods is not just another online shop selling pretty things. They take pride in their business from taking care of their employees to making sure each and every one of their products are top quality, eco friendly, and unique. They work closely with artists to provide quality products for your home and your loved ones. I'm focusing on their home decor today but you should really check out all of their products, they have something for everyone! 

As you can see I love natural elements such as wood. I also have an obsession with globes and this one would be perfect for any home office! I like to keep things simple with my home decor by using natural elements and clean lines. Baskets are perfect to hold all of your clutter yet they can perfectly blend into any room. I actually do not mind patterned pillows, I like to add color with my pillows as you can see I did in our master bedroom. 

My kitchen picks include things every kitchen should have with a modern touch! I've included lots of wood tones into my kitchen picks as well. I have a love for white dishes! I used to own a green dish set back when I first got married and I look back and think "what was I thinking?". White is timeless and makes everything look organized and put together. 

My style may not be yours and that is ok! The most important thing is to take pride in your home. Let your home reflect your own personal style down to your salt and pepper shakers. 

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