October 12, 2015

Fun & Easy Way to Grow Your Kids Faith

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I've shared the importance of praying with your kids on my blog before. Praying with them before school is one of the things I look forward to each morning. This year I started doing a short devotional with them as well. I make sure to wake up 15 minutes earlier so we have time to do a devotional and pray in the car each morning before dropping them off to school. This time for me has been precious! Listening to them ask questions and talk about Jesus is so wonderful but I still felt like it wasn't enough. I've been wanting to do an activity type of devotional with the kids in the afternoons for some time now but after dinner, homework, and bath time, I was left with no energy to come up with anything.

Then I found out about the Buddy Box Subscription Program. I'm sure you've heard of subscription boxes by now, they seem to be super popular nowadays. I myself love them! I've subscribed to a couple different ones. This one, however, is for your kiddos. It's not just a fun little box it's meant to grow your kids faith through hands on activities, crafts, songs, and bible study.
Buddy Box is a monthly care package for kids' faith that gets them excited about growing their relationship with the best buddy of all - JESUS! We went outside on a beautiful day and spent the afternoon learning more about Jesus and how he can help us face our fears.
All three of my kids had so much fun not only going through their box but doing each and every activity. Even though they are all different ages they all enjoyed the activities the same. The box is very well planned! Every month they feature a buddy and a theme. The buddy this month was a bat and the theme was facing your fears. The box includes a magazine with instructions for crafts, activities, and a bible story. 
We read about Jesus walking on water and got to do a hands on activity with clay and water as well... 
I was SUPER impressed with the way these boxes are planned. They really plan every single detail out and everything in the box just flows with the theme so well! 
It really makes things SO MUCH easier for parents. No need to think up or look up ways to talk about faith with your kids. This little box has it all and it's all planned out for you. Two of my favorite things were praying to God over our fears and releasing them by using the spinning disc toy.
Another activity I loved was decorating a pillow that could be used when you are afraid. The kids decorated it with encouraging messages and drawings to remind them that God is with them.
I loved watching them enjoy their box and listening them talk about their fears and how God can help them. We ALL loved the box so much we are ordering another for November! I'm pretty sure we will be monthly subscribers from now on. 

You can try Buddy Box too for just $15 by using Promo Code: BUDDYBOX by October 23rd! Invest in your kids and grow their faith! This is one purchase you won't regret! We can't wait for our November box!


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