November 13, 2015

DIY Easy Thanksgiving Banner

I wasn't planning on writing a post but I thought I would share how I made my gold Thanksgiving banner. So please excuse the iphone photos on this post. I usually use my camera but like I said this is a quick unplanned post. 

Target had a similar banner that said GIVE THANKS and I was going to buy it last time but my sister convinced me we could make it ourselves. I am glad she did because I love my banner even more than Target's. Here is what I used to create my Thanksgiving banner.
The gold metallic poster board is from Hobby Lobby and were on sale at 2 for $1. The stencils are from Target. You will also need some string and a hole puncher. You basically trace your letters on to the poster board and cut them out. Then you hole punch the tops and string them. It's that easy!
I feel like making a bunch more of these! So easy to make and it looks great! So if you need some quick easy Thanksgiving decor try this cute banner! :)


  1. This is beautiful Cindy and so simple to make. Taking a trip to Hobby Lobby right now. xo

    1. Thank you Vanessa! I would love to see how yours turns out! :)


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