November 18, 2013

Painting With Baby - A Crafting Fail

A while back I read this post on painting with your baby and LOVED it so much I tried it out with Levi but it turned into a big fat fail! Here are the possible reasons I think this didn't work for us...

1. I used too much paint
2. I should have use card stock instead of regular paper 
3. I have a SUPER strong baby who likes to destroy anything in sight

On the plus side I did get a couple cute pics and he did have fun even though the final product didn't end up the way I thought it would. Here's baby hulk going at it...
and then he realized I was taking pictures...
and he gave me that little smile that just melts me...
So the end product ended up being a messy torn up piece of paper but he had fun! So I wouldn't say this was a complete fail. I am thinking I will try this again but with card stock or with some super strong industrial strength type of paper or something. 

Have you had a crafting fail recently? 

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