November 22, 2013

My First Stitch Fix

I FINALLY signed up for Stitch Fix after reading a bunch of posts from some of my favorite bloggers.

For those of you who have never heard of Stitch Fix it's basically like hiring a stylist. You sign up and fill out a style profile. A stylists picks out some goodies for you. You get your items in the mail, try them on. Keep what you like and return what you don't in a prepaid envelope. Your $20 styling fee applies to anything you decide to keep. If you keep all of your items you get 25% off.

The reason I hadn't signed up was because I'm cheap. I mean I shop at Target, Marshalls and the like. I almost NEVER pay full retail price on anything. I either buy on clearance, sale or use a coupon. So I decided to put my cheapness aside and just do it. So I did it! Here is my HONEST opinion of Stitch Fix. We will begin with each of the pieces they sent me and then I will write my full review towards the end. Please excuse my blurry and low quality pictures. I used my phone for these because it was just easier that way. I also cropped out my face because I make the weirdest faces when I'm concentrating and because my hair was a mess.
Zouk Giselli Chevron Print Sleeveless Dress $58 | RETURNED
I loved the print, the neckline and the style but it just doesn't look flattering on me. It was also a tad bit short for me. I don't like wearing any dresses or skirts above the knee.
41 Hawthorn Bixby Swan Print 3/4 Sleeve Blouse $48 | KEPT
LOVE this! The color and print are just perfect. The only thing I didn't like about this top is the loose sleeves but I still decided to keep it. I am thinking I might wear this for Thanksgiving.
41 Hawthorn Addison Striped Knit Cardigan $48 | RETURNED
This is something I would totally buy. The color, the style and the stripes! I love stripes! It's very me but almost all of my cardigans are drapey in the front and I'm just tired of this look so this went back.
41 Hawthorn Rowson Colorblock Striped Sweater $58 | RETURNED
This I ALMOST kept. I don't usually wear pink but this sweater I really liked. I didn't keep it because I have one very similar to it that cost me $15 at Target. So I returned it. 
Zazou Kimmy Sequin Knit Scarf $48 | RETURNED
This scarf I hate. It was itchy and had sequins throughout. I am not a sequin and glitter person. The color was ok but even if I really liked it I couldn't spend $48 on a scarf. NO WAY! 

I loved my first box. I loved the experience. I didn't like the prices. Most of these items look like items I would find at Marshalls for half the price. So would I recommend it? YES! Why? Because It's fun! I don't have time to go shopping for myself anymore so this whole experience is awesome for a busy momma like me. I'd much rather try stuff on at home. Sure the prices are a little crazy for me but if I find something I really like I woudn't mind splurging and spoiling myself a little. I might not do it monthly but I will everyonce in a while. 

Would you like to sign up? Sign up using THIS LINK please! I will get credit so I can continue splurging and spoiling myself. Help a momma out! :) 

Already signed up? I'd love to know what you think! Do you like Stitch Fix?


  1. I can agree with you on all of these! I don't like the prices which is what turned me away from doing it.

  2. I really like all of the things you got(minus the scarf-agree with you there)! They fit you well and they are super cute...but like you said, they don't seem to be that different than what I could find at Target...for 20 bucks. Anyway, super fun! You look great!

  3. i love the striped top and that blue blouse! you look great! I'm with you on the prices though!

  4. I am probably on my 10th fix. I can't get enough and my boxes have been better and better each time! Glad you loved Stitch Fix as much as me!


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