October 9, 2013

How I Get My Kids To Clean

    Usually kids don't like to clean am I right? I mean you tell your son/daughter to go clean his/her room and you get the "stink face" from them. Well I came up with a way to motivate my kids to clean... ok it's really more for me than for them. So what is this magical thing that gets my kids and I cleaning? 

What is a cleaning party you ask? It's basically putting music on, dancing a bit and cleaning. I'm pretty sure most of you like having music on while cleaning and you're thinking "what's the big deal? I clean with music on too!" TRUE but there's just something about the word PARTY that gets kids all excited. So at least once a week I will put Pandora on the TV, shout "CLEANING PARTY", the kids come running to the living room, we dance for a while and we get our cleaning on. Our favorite Pandora station at the moment is CAPITAL KINGS. We usually end up doing a little more dancing than cleaning but we have a good time. 

How do you get your kids to clean?


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