October 11, 2013


FIRST OF ALL notice anything new? YUP, I got a new look! If you are reading on a reader you might want to click on over to my site to check it out. So what do ya'll think? There are still a couple things I need to tweak but overall I am happy with it. 

Now on to today: I started FREEBIE FRIDAY while back where every first Friday of the month I have a freebie for ya'll. It lasted three months. I'm sorry I haven't kept up with it but I will do my best this time to have something for ya'll every month.
If you follow me on instagram you may have seen me post this verse. This verse is exactly what I needed this week... 
There's lots going on lately and I just feel tired. I feel spiritually, physically and emotionally tired. I feel weak. Some things I've already shared with you like Sarah getting surgery and me being really sick this week and then some other things I haven't shared yet. I feel like it's been just one thing after another and I feel I can't take it anymore sometimes... then I read this verse this week and it was exactly what I needed. I don't need to be strong. I need to be trusting. I need to trust that although I can't, MY GOD CAN! He is my strength! I don't know what these next couple of weeks will be like but I know I have a powerful God who is in control. I know we all have had these kind of times in our lives where we feel weak. If you have had a rough week like myself I pray this verse/printable gives you comfort as it did to me. 
This printable is 5x7. You can save it to your desktop and print.


  1. loving this! WOW! Your blog seriously has made it to my top fav's in a matter of minutes. haha!


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