September 27, 2013

This Little Girl

  This little cutie is getting her tonsils removed next week. She's been sick off and on for the past couple of months and it's been the same thing over and over... tonsillitis. She's been to the hospital twice for high fevers and each time we get told the same thing: her tonsils are enlarged and infected and we end up getting a prescription for antibiotics. The antibiotics weaken her immune system and she ends up getting sick again and the cycle continues. 

  So I'm nervous and scared for my little girl. I know this is not a complicated operation and many have gone through it just fine but I know my daughter! She cries when I slightly pull her hair to make her a braid or ponytail. I would really appreciate prayers for her and for her recovery!

  I do have a post scheduled for next week but other than that I will be a little MIA on the blog until Miss Sarah is recovered and things go back to normal. Of course you can always find me on instagram if you miss me ;)
Until next time! Have a lovely weekend friends!

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  1. Praying for a safe and fast recovery! Here's to great health! Thinking of you too! xo


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